Nano^3 research school for Chinese Master students


The PHOTONET research network strongly supports the organization of an international research school devoted to nanosciences that will be held on July 2018 in Paris-Orsay, with the support of the French Embassy in China.

The research school program is here.

Network events

Let us see each others at ACP'2018 in Hangzhou (China)!

The Photonet GDRI network will organize a 3 days symposium at E-MRS 2018 in Strasbourg (France)!

Meetings are organized each year.

Open positions France => China

Welcome on Photonet

The Photonet GDRI network aims at creating a scientific research network between French and Chinese groups, laboratories, and universities in the field of Optoelectronics and Photonics. In this purpose, Photonet relies on the development of already existing relationships, will actively promote new ones, and will encourage joint research contractual projects (ANR, NSFC, etc).

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